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This directory lists all the artists and design firms from which we currently or usually have pieces available. Click on the name to find background information, historical commentary, and links to individual items for sale.

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Abel-Truchet, Louis  

"Louis Abel-Truchet was an important French painter, etcher and lithographer in his lifetime. He was born in 1857 in Versailles. He is predominantly known for his paintings depicting Paris at the turn of the century, with cafés, theatres, shops, everyday life and fashionable Parisians forming an essential part of the subject matter...." more

Aman-Jean, Edmond François  

Aman-Jean was a French artist who became closely identified with the Symbolist movement. He began his formal studies in 1880 at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris (more)

Beggarstaff (The Beggarstaffs), J & W  

Sir William Nicholson, English, 1872-1949 & James Pryde, Scottish, 1866-1941 collaborated under the pseudonym, The Beggarstaffs.

Berthon, Paul  

Berthon was a French designer and lithographer. He began his training in Villefranche, where he studied painting, and in 1893 he moved to Paris ... (more)

Bonnard, Pierre  
Bonnard was closely identified with the Nabis group at the Academie Julian, Paris, whose influences were Gauguin and Japanese prints. He became a professional artist after selling a poster for champagne in 1889 and revealed a great flair for decoration and design in fans, furniture, lithography, theatre decor, and book illustration. (more)
Boutet de Monvel, Louis Maurice  

Maurice Boutet de Monvel was perhaps the most popular French illustrator of the late nineteenth century whose drawings appeared in Century Magazine as well many other illustrated periodicals. He has been an inspiration for many illustrators of childrens' books.

Bradley, William H.  
William Henry Bradley was a cartoonist, illustrator, decorator, and architect. One of the leading American poster artists of the turn of the century... (more)
Brill, George Reiter  
George Brill was one of the better-known American illustrators in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His designs were often featured in major northeastern newspapers... (more)
Buck, Gene  
1884 (or '85) - 1957

Gene Buck was as nearly well known as a musician as he was for his cover art contributions. He had formal training at the Detroit Art Academy, focusing on Art Nouveau. He spent many years in the employ of Flo Ziegfeld contributing both writing and set design for the famous Ziegfeld Follies.

Calder, Alexander  
"[Calder's] illustrious career spanned much of the 20th century, [and he] is one of the most acclaimed and influential sculptors of that century. Born into a family of celebrated, though more classically trained artists, Calder utilized his innovative genius to profoundly change the course of modern art. He began by developing a new method of sculpting: by bending and twisting wire, he essentially "drew" three-dimensional figures in space. He is renowned for the invention of the mobile,...(more)
Cappiello, Leonetto  
Cappiello was a poster designer, painter, draughtsman and caricaturist born in Italy. He had his first exhibition at the age of 17 in Florence and in 1896 published his first album of caricatures. He moved to Paris in 1898, later becoming a French citizen, and began work for the periodical Le Rire. (more)
Carqueville, William  

Will Carqueville likely learned the skills of a lithographer at his father's firm of Shober & Carqueville, and it is likely that it was through his father, Edward's business connections, that he was hired at Lippincott's Publishers. His first poster for Lippincott's Magazine was executed in December 1894... more

Cassiers, Henri  
Henri Cassiers is well known to admirers of poster art and bibliophiles. He was a talented draughtsman and water colorist who mainly created "applied art": illustrations, posters, and postcards. (more)
Cazals, Frederic-Auguste  
Chagall, Marc  

A prolific artist, Chagall excelled in the European tradition of subject painting and distinguished himself as an expressive colourist. His work is noted for its consistent use of folkloric imagery and its sweetness of colour... (more)

Chéret, Jules  
Jules Chéret was a French painter and lithographer who became a master of color lithography and revolutionized poster art. (more)
Christiansen, Hans  

"Hans Christiansen is regarded as one of the most important representatives of German Art Nouveau. His crafts and graphic works strongly influenced the art scene of that time because his work mirrored the main idea of a totally new style through a synthesis of art and life. (more)

Colin, Paul  

Crespin, Adolphe  

Adolphe Crespin was a Belgian designer, posterist, and professor of painting.

D'Alesi, F. Hugo  

Frédéric Alexianu, (born in Roumania), commonly known as Hugo d'Alesi was a painter and a graphic commercial artist who is most well known today for having produced a large number of tourist posters for railway companies, shipping companies, and automakers at the end of the nineteenth century. More

Daude, Andre  

Andre Daude was the President of Pianos Daude, a Parisian shop dedicated to the sale of fine pianos. He executed the only poster he is artistically known for in 1926, to publicize his shop. The poster was reprinted for the store in the 1950's, under his supervision.

Daugherty, James   
During WWI, Daugherty designed posters and billboards for the Division of Pictorial Publicity of the Committee on Public Information. Daugherty contemplated Walt Whitman's poems of America's greatness for the inspiration to design these posters. (more)
De Feure, Georges  
"Born Georges Joseph van Sluijters, but known as Georges De Feure, he was the son of a Dutch architect and a Belgian mother. He started out as an actor, costumier and then interior decorator in Paris." (more)
Dow, Arthur Wesley  

Arthur Wesley Dow (1857-1922) was born in Ipswich and interpreted images of the town throughout his lifetime. In Dow’s early years, although his family’ s funds were limited, his curiosity and intelligence were well appreciated. By age nineteen Dow recognized his artistic ability as he worked on illustrations for The Antiquarian Papers. After studying art in Worcester and Boston, he set his sights on Europe. Saving money from teaching and gathering financial support from Massachusetts’s patrons, Dow sailed for Paris in 1884 where he enrolled at the Academie Julian. More


Dresser, Julius  

Dupas, Jean  
1882 - 1964

Jean Théodore Dupas (born in 1882 in Bordeaux - 1964) was a French painter, designer, poster artist, and decorator whose work is considered a prime example of Art Deco visual arts.

Duyck, Edouard  

Edouard Duyck entered into a collaboration with the painter, Adolphe Crespin. Together they created a number of decorations and costumes and posters for the theater, as well as other commercial works.

See Adolphe Crespin for collaborative projects

Gaudy, Georges  
An illustrator, posterist and painter as well as an accomplished cyclist, Gaudy created images that frequently centered on a bicycle or automobile theme.
Gottlob, Fernand Louis  

Gottlob worked as a portraitist, graphic artist, and book illustrator during the period of the Belle Epoque. In 1891 he began to exhibit at the official Salons and by 1897 he worked as a caricaturist for illustrated papers in Paris, including "Le Rire", "Sourire", and "Le Journal Amusant.

Grasset, Eugène-Samuel  
Grasset was born in Lausanne Switzerland, the beautiful small city high on the hills overlooking Lac Leman (Lake Geneva). He was apprenticed to an architect, attended the Polytechnic and travelled to Egypt, which was then a very popular tourist destination for those on 'the Grande Tour.'(more)
Greiffenhagen R.A., Maurice William  

Painter in oil of portraits, decorator, poster designer and book illustrator. Born on 15th December 1862 in London. Studied at the Royal Academy Schools from 1878, winning the Armitage Prize, cartoon medal and other awards. Exhibited at the R.A. from 1884, elected A.R.A. 1916 and R.A. 1922. Worked as a book illustrator, including some of Rider Haggard's novels. Headmaster, Life Department, Glasgow School of Art 1906-29*. Died in London on 26th December 1931.

Guillaume, Albert  
Guillaume was a painter and a leading caricaturist during the Belle Époque, most well known for his poster art. (more)
Hardy, Dudley  

English painter and illustrator, Dudley Hardy studied with his father, T. B. Hardy (1842–97), and later in Düsseldorf, Antwerp and Paris before returning to London. He was a prolific artist, exhibiting regularly at the Royal Academy from 1884 until his death. More

Hohenstein, Adolfo  

Born in St. Petersburg Russia to German parents, Hohenstein spent his formative years growing up in Vienna. At the age of 25 he settled in MIlan Italy and began work as a set designer and costumer at La Scala, the opera house. He was later appointed art director for Giulio Ricordi's family music publishing company. He created posters, playbills, postcards, and music covers. For the Casa Ricordi Hohenstein created his greatest posters: La Boheme, Iris, Tosca, Madam Butterfly and Falstaff.

Honich, Heinrich  
Jemerick Art Pottery  

American artisans currently working in the Arts & Crafts style with over 25 years of experience making pottery, Cherie Jemsek and Stever Frederick focus on capturing the essence of the Arts & Crafts Movement--creating pieces that interpret the originals as well as those that reflect their personal styles and skills. (more)

Jensen, Georg  
Georg Arthur Jensen was a Danish silversmith and sculptor. His jewellry designs show the influence of Art Nouveau and are often characterized by full, simple forms incorporating stylized bird and flower motifs. (more)

"The J.P. Kayser firm has its seat in Krefeld-Bockum and Cologne. It was predominantly a pewter manufactory. In 1862 the tin-foundry was moved from Kaiserswerth to Krefeld-Bockum by J.P. Kayser and in 1855 it was considerably enlarged and modernized. Around 1900 Engelbert, his son, set up a studio for the art of pewter in Cologne where the designs and models for the foundry were produced. (more)

Liberty & Co. London  
Founded in 1875

Liberty is a well known department store in Regent Street, central London; the heart of the West End shopping district. It was founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1875... (more)

Lorain, Gustave  
Gustave Lorain studied at the Ecole Guerin, where Eugene Grasset taught from 1890 until the school closed in 1903. Grasset clearly influenced the artistic style of Lorain, whose talent won him a commission to design a poster for the periodical--Art et Decoration. (more)
Mataloni, Giovanni  

The imagery and chiaroscuro shadings typify not only Mataloni's work but that of Metlicovitz and Dudovich from about 1898 to 1910. But far from being an imitator, he in fact preceded those colleagues at Ricordi printing, where he arrived in 1890. He brought Art Nouveau to Italy and remained a powerful force in poster art. (Rennert)

Meunier, Georges  
Georges Meunier was an accomplished Beaux-Arts trained painter and decorative artist working under Jules Cheret at the Chaix printing house in Paris. (more)
Meunier, Henri  
Henri Meunier was the son of the Belgian engraver, Jean-Baptiste Meunier and a nephew of sculptor Constantin Meunier. After completing his studies at the academy in his native Ixelles, he went on to pursue many fields: printmaker, poster designer... (more)
Métivet, Lucien Marie François  

Metivet was a prolific illustrator, painter and graphic artist of the art nouveau movemement. He was a highly successful artist and very important contributor to Parisian humour magazines (including Le Rire).

Mifliez, Ferdinand (MISTI)  
Ferdinand Mifliez was known by the pseudonym Misti. He was born and raised in Paris. Misti was first trained as an industrial designer, and was influenced to create posters while working at the printing house of Chaix. (more)
Moreau-Nélaton, Adolphe-Étienne  
Moreau-Nélaton was an impressionist painter, illustrator, designer and talented ceramicist. His graphic compositions most often were chacterized by the use of a soft style with pastel-hues and a strongly religious tone. (more)
Mucha, Alphonse  
Mucha was a Czech painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and designer, who became one of the most celebrated artists of the Art Nouveau period. After working in Vienna and Munich, he moved to Paris in 1887...(more)
Oliva, Viktor  

Viktor Oliva (often mistakenly referred to as Vaclav) was a Czech painter and illustrator who studied under F. Sequens at the Academy of Art in Prague, then in Munich and Paris. He was influenced by the work of his friend L. Marold. He created portraits and large-scale paintings following the historicizing stream in art. His portraits and large number of illustrations for books by Czech and European authors as well as his poster designs testify to the contemporary life style based on the Art Nouveau style.

Orivit was a line of pewter produced in the German form of art nouveau referred to as "jugendstil" by the firm of Walter Sherf of Cologne in the early 20th century. (more)
Paleologue, Jean de (PAL)  
PAL was the pseudonym adopted by the French fin-de-siecle artist, Jean de Paleologue. He is most famous for his many excellent bicycle posters. (more)
Paris: Goupil & Co, Manzi, Joyant and Co.  

Goupil & Co: fine art publishers; Manzi, Joyant and Co., fine art publishers to the King (successors), 25 Bedford Street, Strand w.c., Paris and New York (170 Fifth Avenue), founded 1827. *Listing from the Literary Year Book and Bookman's Directory 1907. London, George Rutledge and Sons Ltd. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1907, Part II, page 406.

Parrish, Maxfield  

Maxfield Parrish was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1870. He attended the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of FIne Arts, and became a consummate illustrator and painter.

Penfield, Edward  
"Edward Penfield received his training at the Art Students League in New York City. He went on to become the art director at Harper's magazine and also designed a series of monthly posters for Harper's that won enormous critical acclaim..."(more)
Picasso, Pablo  

For nearly 80 of his 91 years Picasso devoted himself to an artistic production that contributed significantly to and paralleled the whole development of modern art in the 20th century. More

Privat-Livemont, Henri  
Privat Livemont was born in Schaerbeek, Brussels, 1861; he died in Schaerbeek, 1936. He began his studies at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs at Saint-Josse-ten-Noodle and, in 1883; he won a scholarship to study in Paris...(more)
Rassenfosse, Armand  
Rassenfosse was an engraver and painter. He showed a taste for drawing and engraving as a child and later, with the encouragement of his father, who had an art business, he studied occasionally with the Liege painter and engraver Adrien De Witte (1850-1935)... (more)
Realier-Dumas, Maurice  

Realier-Dumas studied at the Ecole Nationale de Beaux-Arts in the workshop of famed academic painter, Jean Leon Gerome. Realier-Dumas was primarily a painter, and did only a few posters in a graphic style that reflected his academic classical training.

Rhead, Louis  

Rhead was an American painter, illustrator and writer of English birth. He trained at the National Art Training School, South Kensington, London, and in Paris... (more)

Robbe, Manuel  

"Manuel Robbe lived in Paris all his life, creating images that echoed the polished splendour of the Belle Epoque. He exhibited often at the Salons, first at the Societe des Artistes Francais (winning a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1900) and after 1905 at the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts. A master of colour aquatint, his work in this medium is characterised by stylish figures in settings with large areas of black or grey punctuated by splashes of shimmering pastels. As the turn of the century critic Gabriel Moury noted, Robbe's favourite subject was the "modern woman:" her costumes and activities and the visual elegance of her world..."

Rouault, Georges  

Isolated among the artists of his time, George Rouault produced work which proved it was possible to be an independent yet wholly committed Modernist. He was born in 1871, in the cellar of a house in Belleville, a working class quarter of Paris near the Pere Lachaise cemetery. (more)

Sattler, Joseph  
Sloan, John  
John Sloane was an American painter, printmaker and draughtsman. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts from 1892 to 1894 (more)
Steinlen, Théophile Alexandre  
French illustrator, printmaker, painter and sculptor, of Swiss birth. After studying at the University at Lausanne and working as an apprentice designer in a textile factory in Mulhouse, Steinlen arrived in Paris in 1881 and quickly established himself in Montmartre, where he lived and worked for the rest of his life. As a prolific and realistic illustrator Steinlen was better known to the general public than Toulouse-Lautrec, whose work was considered stylistically more avant-garde, yet the two artists had in common such subjects as the cabaret performers Bruant and Yvette Guilbert and the theme of prostitution. (more)
Stevens, Gustave Max (G.M.)  
Gustave Max Stevens was a classically trained academic artist. He exhibted at the Salon de Paris and at the Exposition Universelle de 1900.
Stowell, M. Louise  

Stowell was a practitioner of the applied arts, creating designs for posters, book illustrations, and murals.

Taquoy, Maurice  

Maurice Taquoy was born at Mareuil-sur-Ay in the Marne region of France in 1878. He lived and worked in Paris, and exhibited from 1905 at the Salon des Indépendants and Salon d’Automne, as well as other major Parisian venues.

Thiriet, Henri  
Thiriet was a Belgian painter, illustrator, and lithographer whose notoriety derives from the numerous advertising posters that he designed between 1890-1900 for the poster dealer, Pierrefort (12, rue Bonaparte in Paris), one of the first French merchants of posters at the end of the 19th the century.
Tiffany, Louis Comfort  
Louis C. Tiffany had studied to be a landscape painter. His earliest professional success, however, was as an interior decorator with the short-lived decorating firm Louis C. Tiffany and Company, established in New York City in 1880... (more)
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de  
French painter and printmaker. He is best known for his portrayals of late 19th-century Parisian life, particularly working-class, cabaret, circus, nightclub and brothel scenes. He was admired then as he is today for his unsentimental evocations of personalities and social mores. While he belonged to no theoretical school, he is sometimes classified as a Post-Impressionist. His greatest contemporary impact was his series of about 30 posters (1891-1901), which transformed the aesthetics of poster art. (more)
Toussaint, Fernand  
Fernand Toussaint was born in Brussels in 1873. At fifteen he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels where he studied under Jean Portaels, an innovative and demanding teacher who attached prime importance to the art of drawing. (more)
Vallotton, Félix  

Félix Edouard Vallotton was born in Lausanne Switzerland in 1865. He became a painter and printmaker who was later associated with the Nabis group in France. He is most celebrated for his contributions to the art of the modern woodcut.

Vavasseur, Eugene Charles Paul  
Vavasseur was a prolific illustrator and poster designer who is most remembered for his iconic poster for Ripolin paint, featuring three men painting. But he was also clearly skilled in the classic Art Nouveau style. He sometimes used the pseudonym, "RIPP."
Vercher, Antonio  
Valenica (Spain)
Antonio Vercher was a noted artist, illustrator, and caricaturist in Valenica during the politically charged period of the 2nd Republic of Spain.
Wennerberg, Brynolf  
Painter, commercial artist, graphic designer and illustrator, Brynolf (Bruno) Wennerberg was born in Sweden in 1866. He studied art in Copenhagen, Munich and Paris, before settling in Munich. (more)
Wilkinson, Norman  
Wilkinson was a well regarded marine painter, who also designed posters for British railways.
Willette, Adolphe  

Willette was a prolific contributor to the French illustrated press under the pseudonyms "Cemoi," "Pierrot," "Louison," "Bebe," and "Nox," but most freqently under his own name. His humorous and satirical drawings were published in the magazines Le Chat Noir, Revue Illustrée, Le Courrier Français and Le Triboulet and Le Rire. His favorite characters were 'Pierrot et Colombine'. In 1910 Willette helped to launch the periodical Les Humoristes.


WMF, (Württembergische Metallwaren Fabrik)  
founded in 1853

One of the most successful makers of commercial Art Nouveau metalware was the Württemberg Electroplate Company, originally founded in 1853 by Daniel Straub in Geislingen. It was renamed the Württembergische Metallwaren Fabrik (known as W.M.F.) in 1880 following an amalgamation of several firms. (more)

Woodbury, Charles H.  

"An influential painter and teacher, Charles H. Woodbury showed artistic talent early on. At the age of 17, he became the youngest person elected to the Boston Art Club. He originally graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an engineer, but after marrying, he traveled abroad and studied at the Académie Julian in Paris. For most of his life he taught art, and was best known for the summer school he founded and ran for 36 years in Oguinquit, Maine. Woodbury was a prolific paintner and exhibited throughout his life. He continued to paint sea and coast landscapes until his death in 1940."

Wunderlich, Paul  
Paul Wunderlich was born in Eberswalde in the Mark Brandenburg on 10 March 1927. Wunderlich attended the class 'Free Graphics' under Willi Titze at the Landeskunstschule in Hamburg from 1947-1951. (more)


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